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Who should do the Sleep30® Challenge by Sleep Number?

Anyone who sleeps can benefit from the habits learned in the Sleep30® Challenge.  Whether you’re already very healthy and just looking to extra-fine-tune your sleep;  struggling to sleep well; or somewhere in between, the Sleep30® Challenge is for you. 82% of participants improved their sleep quality and 74% improved a bad sleep habit as a result of the challenge, between November 2018 and March 2019.


Where do I sign up to take the Sleep30® Challenge by Sleep Number?

Enter your email at www.mysleep30.com/challenge to receive helpful emails that guide you through the 30-day program.


Why are people talking so much about sleep? What difference does it make?

Did you know that sleep is as important to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise? Most adults need around 7 hours of sleep a night to feel and perform their best, yet a large number of people report not getting enough sleep. Athletes in particular are talking about the positive effects of quality sleep on their performance and recovery. It has also shown to improve mood, relationships, creativity and learning.


Is the Sleep30® Challenge hard to do?

The goal is to create a bedtime schedule and routine that will help you get enough quality sleep. With a little commitment, it can become second nature. You get out of it what you put into it.  How hard it is for you will depend on how many habits you’re trying to change. But, we believe sleep should be the easiest thing for people, and that’s why we’re creating this challenge to help.


How much time does the Sleep30® Challenge require?

Your bedtime routine will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour per night, but that’s up to you. We recommend at least 20 minutes per night. The first two weeks require a little extra prep and reflection time, but once you get in the groove, your sleep should become effortless.


How will the Sleep30® Challenge improve my sleeping habits?

The goal is to create a sleep environment and bedtime routine that will prepare your mind and body for better quality sleep. Once you’re into your routine it should become a self-reinforcing habit.


I’ve always had trouble sleeping; how do I know this challenge will work?

Some participants said they always thought of themselves as poor sleepers. Once they tried the Sleep30® Challenge, they realized it was their habits, not themselves, holding them back from quality sleep. The challenge is designed to meet you where you are and help you make improvements you can feel.


I already have plenty of energy. Why should I try the Sleep30® Challenge?

Increased energy is only one of the many benefits of getting enough quality sleep. You might experience others, like improved mood, concentration, creativity, endurance, or kindness.


I’m not sure I can stick with the challenge. Should I even bother trying?

The Sleep30® Challenge doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing effort. Just prioritizing sleep and making small changes to your bedtime habits can have a powerful impact on your life. We encourage you to recruit a Sleep Champion to help support you. It can’t hurt to try!


My life is too chaotic to stick to a schedule. How important is that part of the challenge?

Sticking to a schedule during the 30 days is key, however, there is a little wiggle room where your bedtime can vary by 30 minutes. Trying this challenge may offer you the additional benefit of simplifying your life (at least a little) and creating more relaxing time for yourself and your family. Sounds nice, huh?


Can my kids do the Sleep30® Challenge with me?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from a bedtime routine and a consistent sleep schedule—even the kiddos.


I’m a shift worker whose sleep schedule differs from most people’s. Can I still do the Sleep30® Challenge?

We recognize the challenges that shift workers face. While the constraints of your work schedule may not match up exactly with the challenge, we recommend applying the core ideas of the Sleep30® Challenge to the best of your ability. Committing to making sleep a priority is the first step.


Do I have to make changes to my bedroom or bedtime routine? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.

The Sleep30® Challenge does involve creating your ideal sleep environment and bedtime routine, but that’s also part of the fun. You can make it your own. If you don’t want to buy blackout curtains to reduce the light in your bedroom, you can buy a sleep mask—or make your own sleep mask out of a shirt sleeve. With your bedtime routine, you choose how to unwind, how much time to spend relaxing and so forth. Love a late-night snack? We offer better food choices, so you don’t eat something that will wake you up three hours later. The challenge is customizable to you.


Do I need to have a Sleep Champion?

That’s up to you. A Sleep Champion can help support you in changing your habits, but many people are good at holding themselves accountable. If you choose to do the Sleep30® Challenge with someone else, then you’ll have a natural Sleep Champion in each other. It’s a way to share in the experience, get feedback on struggles, ideas for your bedtime routine and so forth. But it’s not mandatory and people have had success without one.


Is the Sleep30® Challenge just a fad?

Sleep30® is a new challenge, but it’s not a fad. The challenge design is backed up by research. Studies show that consistent, quality sleep can do amazing things for the body and mind. What makes the Sleep30® Challenge special is that it offers support, ideas, tips and tricks, and real-life stories of people who have benefited from the challenge. We’re trying to create a movement around quality sleep. We hope you’ll join us.


I own a Sleep Number bed. What should I know about this challenge and the InnerCircle loyalty program?

If you’re already an InnerCircleSM online member, you can earn big points when you complete the Sleep30® Challenge final recap survey sent to your email on Day #30.

Own a Sleep Number bed, but aren’t yet a member of Sleep Number’s InnerCircleSMCreate an account to earn  points after you complete the Sleep30® Challenge final recap survey sent to your email on Day #30.

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