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  • It gives you ideas as to what you can change that is interrupting our sleep and keeps track of sleep patterns and you can see when you aren’t sleeping well verses when you do sleep well. Sleep30 helps you to see patterns and things you can change. – Dwight S., Anderson, SC*


  • A positive routine to assist in creating better sleep habits . – Stacy B., Menomonie, WI*


  • I did gain better sleep!  Following the tips and tricks provided beforehand really helped me develop a better sleep routine.  I love sleeping now!  I no longer play on my phone for hours before bed.  I try to get into bed and just relax before I fall asleep.  I sleep much better because of it. – Lindsey S., Glen Allen, VA*


  • Got much better at sticking to a schedule.  Got better but not perfect at ending screen time before bed. Improved sleeping room temperature. – Leslie H., Bentonville, AR*


  • I learned a lot of things about the relationship to sleep and health and created some new routines that have helped me be in control of both my sleeping and waking hours. I will continue to stick with this program, because I like what it has taught me! Thank you, Sleep Number! – Linda S., New Buffalo, MI*


  • Watching less TV and using my phone less is helping me to relax sooner. – Jeff M., West Harrison, IN*


  • The Sleep30 Challenge helped me create guidelines for better sleeping habits. – Chuck M., Shawnee, OK*



*Participant received InnerCircle loyalty points for doing challenge.

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